Why should we be your #1 choice to perform your inspection?

Becuase we take pride in our work and insure every detail of your home has been inspected for your safety as well as our name...


We are dedicated to provide satisfaction... Guaranteed!


My name is Michael Rutherford, and I began Rutherford  Home Inspection Service in April of 2003.


I have spent over 13 years in building trades.

I focus on fixing small problems before they became more serious and costly issues.


I always perform a very thorough inspection, and take as much time as needed to accurately inspect the home, then explain the issues with you.
In addition I try to provide you with every form of protection possible such as our
(Buy Your Home Back Feature)!, And our (90 Day Warrenty)!

No matter if you are a first time home buyer, requiring a lot of explanation or a seasoned buyer who just needs the highlights. I always provide answers to the important questions you may have…
Because it's my business and I value every opportunity to serve you!

My goal isn’t to just inspect your house. I’m dedicated to become your lifetime building consultant…
I have performed just under one thousand inspections.
I am a very detailed oriented knowledgeable individual.
I make sure you are aware of any issues associated with your new home.
Real estate agents know the value of a thorough, unbiased home inspection. And that’s how I have built numerous relationships with buyers agents all across Mid-Michigan over the last 12 years…

If the home is in good condition, needing a few minor repairs, then that's what I report.
If the home needs major repairs, like a new roof, foundation repairs, electrical upgrades, then that's what is conveyed.

I have been thanked countless times from clients and agents after a detailed inspection and pointing out costly home repairs.
I take pride in being part of the professional team inspecting your investment. And always treat your home as if it were my own. For my name, and your safety…